Goal Met

Praise the Lord!

The last several months have been up and down for everyone. Many people are waiting for the all clear so they can return to work, while some have returned to work and are struggling with the low income from clients returning slowly. Still others are drained from the increased workload of essential workers. For some the last couple months have signaled a huge change in their work and in their industry as some companies have now transitioned to working-from-home on a permanent basis.

As for the industry of camp, we are still on the waiting list to get any answers about when and how we will be allowed to re-open. We see God using this time to reaffirm the need for good Christian fellowship. We also believe that it is confirming that God still has a place for the tool of Christian camps. As the news continues to change week to week, we know that if Wolf Mountain is going to be ready to serve when the opportunity arises, we need help.

At this point, we have lost $170,000 of projected income because of canceled camps—with the possibility of another $75,000 more if we are not able to open efficiently in July. God continues to provide, and we have been able to cut the expenses of keeping a presence at Wolf Mountain down to around $11,000 a month. On this current course, we believe that Wolf Mountain will run a deficit of $60,000 before we are able to re-open. We know that God provides through his people and we have already seen $5,250 in donations provided through the last two months. We are asking if you will be willing to join our team by helping us keep Wolf Mountain operating until we are able to serve again.

We want to thank all of our donors by posting their favorite scripture on one of our bunkbeds or scripture signs around camp. So when you give through our website, please write a verse reference in the notes line; if you are sending a check please add it to the memo line; and if you have already given you can expect a call from us soon!

Another way that has been set up to support camp is through the Christian Camps and Conferences of America’s partnership with There is a store at where you can purchase some generic camp goods that commemorate this time. At checkout, simply select Wolf Mountain Camps from the “Camp I’m Attending” drop-down list. Wolf Mountain will receive a portion of your purchase.

We hope you’ll continue to pray for us. Please pray with us that God will allow us to open up the doors of ministry soon. We’re looking forward to the next time we get to see you on the mountain!