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Men's Retreat

Dates: March 9-11, 2023

Cost: $186 per person

Speaker: Pastor Bob Brenneman

Arrival: 4:00-6:00 PM Thursday

Activities start with Thursday dinner at 6:00 PM and end with Saturday

brunch at 10:00 AM.

Call our office to register or register online. You can also print and fill out the Registration Form and mail it in with the $50 fee.

According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the process of tempering improves the character and toughness of metal by lessening brittleness and reducing internal stresses. It is done by a process of heating the metal to a high temperature and then cooling it. I sure am glad that I am not the man of steel, because that sounds painful But in a very real way, there is tempering that God allows us to go through as His children. Hard times give us a chance to grow more confident in our trust of God. James says that the trying of our faith works patience in our lives and that we should let it strengthen and mature us. 

As men, we’re prone to take the offensive and fight back when we are in difficult situations. But what if we’re actually fighting against the work that God is wanting to use to strengthen us. Imagine if we were all men who were fully reliant on God and forged to respond to the hardest of life circumstances by resting in Him.

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