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Senior High Retreat

The time has come to finally take that step and declare your independence. What is required to keep such a decision? Every time you declare independence, you are actually stating that you are depending on something else. What is worth depending on—or better yet—who is worth depending on? Join us for Senior High Retreat as we explore the myriad possibilities that come with declaring your independence while examining where your trust should lie.

If you or your group is unable to provide a sponsor to stay in the cabin with your campers, Wolf Mountain can provide a counselor for an extra $20 added to each camper’s cost.


Cost: $186 per camper; $93 for sponsors staying with campers. Sponsors not staying with campers pay full price.

Arrival: 4:00-6:00 PM Thursday

Activities start with Thursday dinner at 6:00 PM and end with Saturday lunch at 12:30 PM

Call our office to register or register online. You can also print and fill out the Registration Form below and mail it in with the $50 registration fee.

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