Mother-Daughter Getaway

The purpose of a Wolf Mountain Legacy Camp is to provide a parent and child (or children) with tools to aid them as they seek to grow their relationships with Christ and each other. We want to see families strengthened, and we are excited about the opportunity to offer camps geared to a particular relationship in the family unit. Our goal is that you will have fun, create memories, and leave with something that will help your relationship throughout the year.

Our Mother-Daughter Getaway will include craft time, Mother Daughter journaling, and more fun activities!


Dates: May 8, 2021

Cost: $60 per person

Arrival: Registration open at 9:00 AM Saturday

Housing is available on a limited basis overnight on Friday. Please call our office if you need to reserve a room overnight.

Call our office to register or register online by clicking below. You can also print and fill out the Registration Form below and mail it in with the $60 fee.