Build Your Own Retreat

We would love to help you put together a camp that is enjoyable for your group, safe for each person, and most importantly, challenging in their spiritual life. At Wolf Mountain, we believe that every group is unique, and with that comes our responsibility to provide a custom camp with your group's needs in mind. Your goals become our passion! A custom camp allows you to design the schedule, activities, and sessions to meet the goals of your people and your ministry.

Our hope is that you would consider us to join you in the privilege of designing your next custom camp. 



We operate two very different facilities at Wolf Mountain. Trailhead is our more rustic facility which consists of 10 bunkhouses that can sleep 90 people on bunk beds. These cabins share a double-sided bathhouse. Our open-air, covered pavilion is a great meeting space that also doubles as a dining area complete with a small commercial kitchen for you to prepare your own meals. We offer one of our program team members for 8 hours each day you are here to run a selection of activities for your crew. The price at Trailhead is far less than our other, full-service facility. If you are looking to save money and don't mind doing a few things yourself, Trailhead may just be the perfect facility for you! 

The Claim

The Claim is our full-service facility. You get to help build the schedule and choose activities that would best meet the needs of your campers. Once you're here, your only job is to relax! The Claim facility has a few different lodging options. The Lodge has 8 cabins that can each sleep 9 people. Each of our Lodge cabins has a bathroom inside (similar to hotel-style lodging). There are also 6 bunkhouses that can sleep another 48 on bunk beds and share use of a bathhouse; we recommend using these bunkhouses for youth camps only. All meals are provided by our food service team (rumor is we have delicious food). The Claim also has a snack and souvenir store called Bonanza Trading Co. and a coffee shop, Stompin' Grounds Coffeehouse which can be scheduled to be open during certain times of the day.


At Wolf Mountain, we work hard to make camp affordable for your group. Our quoted price includes all meals, activities, and lodging. Any extra cash you bring along can go to the purchase of a souvenir, snack, or delicious hand-crafted beverage from our coffee shop.

We welcome Christian ministry groups of 15 or larger. If you would have a hard time meeting the minimum, don't let that stop you! Contact us about pricing for our planning retreats which have no minimum attendee requirements.

The Claim: Most of our campers end up paying about $91 per day which includes 3 meals, overnight lodging, all scheduled activities, and use of our meeting areas.

Trailhead: $28 per camper per day. Meals are not provided to rental groups using Trailhead.


Reach Young People

  • Spiritual Emphasis Youth

  • Back-to-School

  • Science Camp (CORE)

Strengthen Families

  • Family Camp

  • Couples' Retreat (limited capacity)

  • Mother-Daughter

  • Father-Son

Serve Local Churches

  • Men's Retreat

  • Women's Retreat

  • Planning Retreat


Starred activities are considered premium. You may choose one premium activity for every meal that you are at camp.

Air Rifles
Target shooting with high velocity scoped air rifles.
Test your skills with a re-curve bow and arrow.
Archery Tag
Yes, you get to shoot people with padded arrows.
Arena Antics
Play games or go through a simple relay course on horseback.
Audio Recording
Record main sessions to have available for download on our media site
A campfire is a great spot to laugh or end your retreat and share testimonies.
Camp Tours
A 30-60 minute tour of the Wolf Mountain facility.
We'll spot you $5 to invest at craft time. You can typically do multiple crafts without spending any of your own money.
Coffee Service
Have coffee and tea available in your meeting room during sessions.
Field Games
Our team can run a variety of field games. Don't expect anything typical!
Frisbee Golf
Discover camp with a frisbee in hand; lowest score wins!
Go on a modern treasure hunt and explore our property in the process.
A 30-60 minute ride pulled behind a tractor. This is a great evening activity for stargazing on a clear night.
Guided Hike
Explore Wolf Mountain on one of our 9 miles of trails. This can be a great pre-breakfast option.
High Ropes
90 minutes of fun at our high ropes course.
Laser Tag
90 minutes filled with various competitive scenarios.
Night Hike
Learn about the stars - one of the best things at Wolf Mountain on a clear night.
Old West Photos
Dress up in Old West attire and take pictures with your friends. Available for download from our media site.
90 minutes. 150 rounds of paint. 3 challenging courses. Ready, set, GO!
Shooting Range
Shoot some guns at our shooting range.
Team Builder
A time of fun that feels a lot like playing games, but ends with a debrief where valuable lessons are learned.
The Downs
Pick up a game at the basketball or dirt volleyball courts. From June through August, request use of our shallow-water pool.
Throwing Range
Throw a variety of implements (hatchets, knives, and saw blades) for target practice.
Zip Line
Ride our 150-foot zip line suspended in the air. Try it at night for a whole new experience.
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If you are ready to start setting up your own retreat, just follow a few steps:

Email Audrey or call our office at 530-273-8709 to start building your own retreat. Share what type of camp you would like to do, dates that are possible (we recommend having 3 options), and number of attenders. Make sure you think about arrival and departure times - we like to know which meal will be your first and last on property - it helps us figure out your price. Audrey will take your dates to our Calendar Committee for approval. After a date, price, numbers, and premium activities are finalized, a contract with all the details will be sent to you.

Please read the contract thoroughly, sign and return it with the 10% deposit of the total cost of camp (no less than $100 and no more than $750) to confirm your dates. The balance of your contract is due upon your arrival for camp. Don't worry - while we're in the contracting process, we won't give your dates away to another group!

​​About a month before your camp, one of our program coordinators will contact you to confirm numbers and work through your desired schedule and activities. Our registration office will also send you a packet to help you streamline your check-in process.

Please take a moment to read our Position Statement which we require all groups using either of our facilities to sign.


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Old West Photos

Dress up in Old West attire and take pictures with your friends. Available for download from our media site.