Our staff are in the process of raising missionary support.
If you or your church are interested in finding out more about this opportunity,
please call Jon Moore at 530.273.8709. We look forward to serving you at Wolf Mountain!

the archambeaus

Butch & Erin Archambeau

Butch and Erin met while attending Maranatha Baptist Bible College and serving together on an extension ministry. Butch earned a degree in Christian Ministry with a concentration in Youth Ministries, and Erin earned a degree in Biblical Counseling. They have been involved full-time in the camping ministry since 2007. In June 2011, they joined our resident staff team. Butch is able to jump into many different areas to help out, but his main responsibilities involve the upkeep of our grounds. Erin works on the registration team and with bookkeeping, making sure all the details are handled correctly.

Their daughter, Delaney, joined our team on June 16, 2012. She entertains our staff with beautiful smiles and laughter. Butch and Erin are expecting their second child, due in October.

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The Archambeaus are currently at 58% support.

Jon & Stephanie Bladine

After graduating from Northland Baptist Bible College, Jon traveled nationally and internationally with an evangelistic team as a leader of the team's children's ministries. He worked at Ironwood year-round for two years in a variety of roles. Jon is serving as The Bridge Coordinator (working with our college program) and coordinates some of our custom camps as one of the program directors.

Stephanie started working at summer camp in 2006. After graduating from Bob Jones University with a degree in Biology in 2008, she began working at camp full time. Stephanie is the registration team leader and assistant to our director.

Stephanie and Jon met at Ironwood and were married in 2011.

Their son, Gideon joined our staff team on July 11, 2013. We are excited about finally having a little boy around. Jon and Stephanie are expecting their second AND third children! Their twins are due in February.

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The Bladines are currently at 37% support.


Daniel & Amber Bushey

Daniel attended International Baptist College, graduating with a degree in education. Daniel attended Ironwood's Ministry Bound program, serving as the Junior High teacher for Ironwood Christian Academy.

Amber graduated from West Coast Baptist College and joined the apprenticeship staff at Ironwood. She also graduated from Ironwood's Ministry Bound program, attending from 2009 to 2011. Daniel and Amber met at Ironwood and were married in October 2011.

We are excited to have Daniel and Amber on our team. Daniel is reponsible for maintenance and Amber works with both hospitality and stores.

Their daughter, Lyla, joined our team on February 23, 2013. Her smiles will melt your heart!

The Busheys are currently at 64% support.


Jon & Audrey Moore

Jon currently serves as the director of Wolf Mountain. He has been involved in summer camp since he was fourteen years old. He graduated from Ambassador Baptist College in 2006, with a degree in Biblical Studies.

Audrey is in charge of promotions and safety. She also determines the menus for all camps. She has dedicated her summers to camp since 2005. She graduated from Bob Jones University in 2007, with a degree in Graphic Design.

Jon and Audrey met during the summer of 2007 at Ironwood. They were married in September 2009.

The Moore have two daughters: Brooklynn (1) and Ellie who just joined our staff team on June 11, 2014. Brooklynn is full of energy and is always talking to someone or something. Ellie currently enjoys being the youngest staff member - though not for long!

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The Moores are currently at 89% support.

Apprenticeship Staff

Ashley Borrell, Emily Gorshe, Melody Hucks, Carynn Harter, Marty Bladine, and Becca Evans

The Bridge


Brenda Hathaway, Bradley Jezowski, Lora Palkki, Algot Stephenson, Marissa Tanis, Isaac Ponce, Miriam Whyman