Bridge to Campus

Why Use the Bridge?

“College is too expensive a place to figure out what to do with your life!”

We all need guidance. We all need training. College provides that. Experienced teachers, faculty, and staff all contribute to show you shortcuts and processes that would take much longer to learn on your own. However, college is expensive, and often isn’t tailored to any sort of personal level. What if you could get training and education from experienced sources while also getting personal attention – all while keeping costs a fraction of what they would be at a normal college?  And let’s face it, you can get most of your training without ever having to set foot in a normal classroom ever again. Thus, the Bridge.

What’s the Bridge?

Short Answer: it’s an alternative to the normal four-year college experience. It’s cheaper, more focused on hands-on ministry, and more fun (in our opinion!)

Long Answer: “The Bridge is a ministry of Wolf Mountain, using the unique aspects of the camping ministry aid the local church for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a place of discipleship, seeking to grow young people by means of an affordable education, through vocational-based service, in order to produce a consistent Christian walk.”

I know what you’re thinking. “Say that one more time.”

The Bridge is actually two programs melded into one name. If it will help differentiate, we have a college-centric program called “Bridge to Campus,” through Maranatha Baptist University, and a ministry-centric program called “Bridge to Life” (more on that later). The Bridge is a ministry of Wolf Mountain, a Christian camp in the mountains of northern California. We’re about two hours from both Reno and South Lake Tahoe, and about three hours (depending on traffic!) from San Francisco. Wolf Mountain runs year-round camp, and thus, we use the unique aspects and training of camp to train and equip young people for life-time ministry in the local church.

We understand not everyone is going to be in full-time ministry. However, all good church members should be equipped mentally and practically to help their pastor and the congregation. 

Thus, the Bridge is a place of discipleship.

But, we also intend to grow the students more than just spiritually. While that would be our primary goal, we also intend for them to start learning a trade – whether it be grounds, or kitchen, maintenance, or a range of other opportunities the camp life presents. They’ll also work in other areas of camp, such as at the ropes course or coffee shop. In short, they’ll become a valued member of the team. 

Above all, we seek to grow the student to become more and more like our Lord Jesus Christ. To do this, we encourage participation in a local church. We take trips to visit and see other churches in operation. We travel to Ironwood for Singles’ Retreat, as well as taking time to study through books of the Bible or to review various topics that will grow us spiritually and socially. Through Bridge to Campus, the student will be able to complete an Associates’ degree in a whole list of areas with the option to move on to Maranatha afterwards. With Bridge to Life, the student will earn certifications in several areas that he can then take to the vocational world and use. Certifications will vary based on the tracks the student chooses to follow.

So what are the Features that Make the Bridge Unique?

While each year is different (molded to the personalities of both the Bridge Director and the students), some of the things you can expect with the Bridge are as follows:

The Bridge is more than just a college. It’s a ministry hot-spot that seeks to take your gifts and abilities and hone them for use in God’s work. It’s a place that seeks to surround you with godly, like-minded friends and direct your strengths for the Lord’s work – all while keeping costs low.

We all need a Bridge to traverse the dangerous territories of this earth – why not use the Bridge to help cross the dangerous areas in life?

For more information, as well as pricing, please visit our facebook page or e-mail Mike Wareing